Travel Preparations

von am Februar 28, 2017

Hello lovelies,

On 6. March I will start my world trip. I only booked a one way ticket to singapore and I do not have any other fix plans from there. For sure I do know where I definitely wanna go and I do have a bucket list with all the amazing things I wanna see and experience during my travels… but first things first: before I can start my journey I had to organize so many other things. It’s time for alle the travel preparations… If you have never planned something big as a world trip you will be surprised how much there is to be aware of…



Travel essentials part 1 // Die perfekten Reisebegleiter Teil 1

von am August 25, 2016

When you next journey is right ahead you can save yourself from trouble and stress with the right packing list:) Packing my bags is always a huge challenge for me – it doesn’t matter if it is just a weekend trip or a long journey. In the end I will forget certainly half…:D A special challenge are long road trips or journeys. If you are going to Australia, Thailand or Brazil for a couple of month you should definitely have some certain things in your bag! Sure, it could rain all the time and you need an umbrella, a rainproof jacket AND a rain cape… and of course all 13 bikinis in your bag are particulary important for you;) But you often forget to take some helpful travel essentials with you. Some of them could help you in many situations:) When it comes to snoring roomies in your hostel dorm, an empty mobile phone battery or a dengue fever warning your prettiest rain cape can’t help you 😀 //


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Why you should give Koh Panghan a chance !

von am August 8, 2016



I had not that high expectations on the Island to be honest. That’s because Koh Panghan is considered as very touristic and comparable with Koh Samui. Contrary to my expectations I was very impressed when I got there. I only paid 30$ for my flight from Bangkok to Surat Thani. It takes a little longer if you book a flight to Surat Thani instead flying directly to Koh Panghan, but it’s as well much cheaper. You can take a Ferry from Surat Thani to Koh Phangan, which costs only about 10$.