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Kuala Lumpur

von am März 31, 2017

Hello lovelies,

My next stop in Malaysia was Kuala Lumpur:) I didn’t expect much from this city, since I usually don’t like big asian citys that much… All in all I can say that Kuala Lumpur will never be my favorite city, but it surprised me by being much more nice than Bangkok!


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Koh Phi Phi – judge for yourself!

von am August 10, 2016



My next stop was Koh Phi Phi:) We booked the trip from Koh Lanta to Koh Phi Phi at our hotel. The trip was about 300 baht. I think that’s actually very cheap. I stayed at the papaya resort, which I can highly recommend.:) The resort is uphill, so you have to overcome literally 300 steps, but the ocean view from the hotel room is absolutely worth it! Another big plus is the fact that they bring you breakfast to your room in the morning. The breakfast includes yogurt with fruits, a sandwich and a freshly squeezed orange juice!:)


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Koh Lanta – a special place on earth

von am August 9, 2016


I took the fairy and the bus from Koh Panghan to Koh Lanta. The whole trip lasted too long but it cost only 900 Baht (22€). You can book the trip very spontaneously in one of the little travel shops at Koh Panghan. Many friends of mine recommended Koh Lanta. Now as I’ve just been there I can totally agree. The island is stunning!


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The magic of Big Island

von am August 7, 2016


Hey lovelies,

Unfortunately I had only the time to visit two of the Hawaiian islands. Since we had to make a decision and I wanted to experience the magic of the big island we booked a flight from Maui to Big Island. First, the Big Island is the youngest of the islands, and secondly it is the biggest. All in all it covers an area greater than all the other islands combined. Despite the size of the Island, it is not as touristic as Maui or Ohahu. In contrast to Maui, which is full of green flora, Big Island is characterized by black fields of lava. That’s because one of the most active volcanoes in the world is located there.